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Yarn Mops Are Useful for Spawning the Eggs of Killifish

Yarn Mops Are Useful for Spawning the Eggs of Killifish

Killifish love to lay their eggs on mops made out of yarn. These eggs are adhesive and Killifish find such mops as safe places for hatching. Naturally, these mops have become very popular amongst fish-keepers and breeders.

Killifish can also lay their eggs on plants or the glass of the aquarium but then it becomes difficult for the fish-keepers to move them to a separate location for hatching. These mops can be cleaned very easily and they are reusable. You can even boil these mops for cleaning and prevent malicious organisms from the entire process. The mops are also useful for providing shelter to Killifish. Such shelters can reduce the stress levels amongst the fish.

Many breeders tend to use yarns of dark color for preparing mops. However the color is not important for the fish. They are not able to recognize such colors as their favorites. However, with such dark colors, it is easy for the breeders to locate the eggs laid on them. Blue and green shades are very popular because they go well with the decoration and setup of rest of the aquarium.

If you want to make your own mob, it is very easy. Keep in mind the following process –

1. Pick up acrylic yarn of blue or dark green color from the shop. Check with the shop owner about the strength of the yarn. It should tolerate high temperature while boiling.

2. Boil it for a few minutes so that all the malicious organisms are killed. After boiling, you should rinse the yarn carefully so that any excessive dye on the yarn will be removed. After rinsing, you can put it again in the cold water so that it will soak some water which will make it sink in the aquarium. Floating mops will not be useful for spawning purposes.

3. Then you should take a hardcover book of the height of your aquarium. You can even take a piece of hard cardboard. You should cut a small piece of yarn and put it across the book.

4. Start wrapping the rest of the yarn around the book.

5. You should wrap the yarn sufficiently. Once it is done, you should can the yarn from the skein.

6. Now you should tie the knot after picking both the ends. Once this is done, you should cut the yarn with a scissor to create a mop.

7. Usually you would like to anchor the mop for control. You can use a pebble for this purpose. A small piece of the yarn from the mop should be wrapped around the pebble and it will serve the purpose of an anchor.

Once the mop is done, some people put it in the boiled water for couple of minutes in order to sterilize it.

You should never use the real wool or twine for making the mop because it will rot in the water. You can make some experiments by using yarn of different qualities and numbers. These mops can be used for goldfish also. Just remember to sterilize the mop every time before the use.