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What Do You Do When Your Wedding Flowers are Out of Season?

What Do You Do When Your Wedding Flowers are Out of Season?

You have your heart set on lilies for your wedding but your wedding is in November and lilies are only in season December to June, so what do you do? There are a couple of different solutions to your problem. Finding out of season wedding flowers may not be as hard as you think.

Silk flowers have become extremely popular in the last few years. With there popularity has come an acceptance for silk flowers as wedding flowers. They are less expensive and last longer than real flowers. Lets say you need 50 royal size roses in various colors for your wedding. Buying them online from a wholesaler will cost you around $100 dollars while the same roses as silk will cost you about $50 dollars. By buying silk roses instead of real flowers you can save a lot of money on your wedding flowers.

There are many advantages to using silk flowers instead of real flowers. Silk flowers today are gorgeous and realistic, making it hard to tell the difference between silk and fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are fragile and can wilt easily, silk flowers are so versatile they can be used anywhere and they won’t wilt. With fresh flowers you can’t expect to create the perfect color or the color you want if they are out of season. Silk flowers can be dyed any color and are always available. Not to mention silk flowers are a whole lot less expensive than fresh flowers.

If you still have your heart set on having fresh lilies in November then there are some wholesalers who have greenhouses just for this reason. The flowers are going to cost more than if you bought them in season and you may have to place an order way in advance. But for those who have there heart set on out of season fresh flowers this is an option. The cost for out of season fresh flowers can be as much as three times the normal price. This can take a real bite out of your wedding budget. Most wholesalers need at least three months notice in order to fill an order for out of season flowers and they can’t always guarantee the colors. Even though there are drawbacks to buying fresh out of season flowers they can be a viable option to those who insist on fresh flowers that are out of season.

There are options for buying out of season flowers, it just depends on wether you want fresh or silk. Silk last longer and can be dyed any color while fresh out of season flowers are beautiful and traditional. Wether you decide on fresh out of season flowers or silk flowers both are appropriate for a wedding and both can be equally beautiful.