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Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Wedding is one of the most important occasions of ones life. It is that one special day when we wish all arrangements to go perfectly as planned. Wedding invitations are among one of the first things that we plan after all events, dates, and venues are fixed. Wedding invitation is no ordinary invitation–it is a special invitation for the special day.

All couples desire designing a beautiful and unique invitation for their life’s most important day. In order to design a distinctive marriage invitation, you need to explore your imagination and design a card which would best express your feelings when inviting family and friends to your wedding.

There are a few things that you need to consider when designing the card. This article briefly summarizes the most important things that one must know before giving order to print the Wedding invitation cards.

  • Unique wedding invitation designs: Explore the market and online stores and select a unique design. There are different wedding invitations according to the event — for engagement, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. If you are going for a destination wedding on a beach then, your invitation must reflect that by way of colors, design layout and wordings.
  • Design and Theme: According to the design and theme, you can choose a formal engraved wedding invitation or a casual invitation theme with bright colors. There are so many wedding invitation stores online offering great designs in varying theme. Check them out and select the invitation that suits your wedding occasion the most. Colors, design and wordings must complement each other and must reflect the essence of the wedding theme.
  • Couple’s Picture: You can also choose to include a picture of the couple to make the invitation stand out. If the idea of a picture does not attract you, you can go for a professional sketch or portrait. This will surely enhance the wedding invitation.
  • Information and Wordings: A wedding invitation must include venue details, date and time details, and also information about the parents of the couple. A location map for direction can be added. The tone of the invitation’s wordings can be emotional, formal, or casual/ funny –just remember you need to be polite.
  • Response Card: A response card with a stamped envelope can be enclosed. A response card is supposed to be filled and sent back so that a general estimate of the number of guests can be obtained. This helps in making food and drinks arrangements, etc.

After marriage, it would be nice if you could give thanks-giving card to all those who made your marriage a memorable occasion. You can give return gifts as well. Wedding Invitation Cards at Printe-Z, are exceptional in quality and competitive in pricing. You can personalize design and proof your wedding invitations online.

12th century, wedding invitations

Did you know that during 12th century, wedding invitations were announced by spreading the word. The job was performed by the town criers who used to stand in the village square and announce weddings.