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Tolerance and Acceptance for Happily Married Life

Tolerance and Acceptance for Happily Married Life

Tolerance and acceptance are two virtues that many people start learning during their teen years. These values, when imbibed in your character, can help you immensely in sailing through the rough periods of your married life. Usually, bride and bridegroom often neglect to see the goodness of these virtues when planning their life together. One of the reasons for that is many people consider tolerance as the value of yesteryears. According to them if you are not raising your voice or losing your temper, you are a coward. This wrong meaning has largely been driven by our desire to control everything that happens in our life. However, tolerance in married life does not mean that you “put up” constantly with your spouse in all his or her wrong doings; it is just used as a support when you need to accept certain facts and display pertinence. Choosing not to argue when not required is the direct benefit of high tolerance power.

Of course there are times in every marriage when you should voice your opinions, but it should be done with decency. Trivial issues do not need arguments and sometimes it is better to “move on” rather than sticking to your choices and opinions. For example, you may be a cleanliness freak but your partner doesn’t show too much interest in cleaning every corner of the home. Rather than arguing and getting upset over it, a good way would be to accept the fact that it is impossible to have everything your way. So talk to your partner keeping this in mind and you will surely reach a middle ground and simple issues like these will have a resolution.

Mild disagreements among married couples are common and are required to keep the things interesting. However, it shouldn’t dampen your spirit and the strong bond of positivity that you share. Companions may not always appreciate each other, but the sooner they learn to accept and become tolerant of their differences, the smoother their marriage becomes. A marriage is about keeping the promises that you made while exchanging your wedding rings.

The key to develop acceptance is to listen to each other properly and showing consideration towards your spouse. Give the same attention that you had for them in the wedding hall. Have a high regard and to not disagree unnecessarily. In case of disagreement, think about your wedding song and what it means to you. Everyone loves feeling important and giving priority to your spouse over everything else in your life is a sure shot way to stay happy in marriage.