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Tips For Planning a Jamaican Wedding

Tips For Planning a Jamaican Wedding

Jamaica is a large island located in the Caribbean and is well known for not only it’s beauty, but also the huge plethora of hotels and venues at which to hold your Jamaica wedding.

Depending on your taste, you have several options of wedding venues to choose from. Whether you a looking for a quiet and remote wedding location or a lavish 5 star deluxe resort you can find it all in Jamaica!  There are so many amazing resorts and hotels to choose from that it is recommended you spend a lot of time investigating and researching all of your options.  Be sure to make as many inquiries as possible to find the best rates for your Jamaica wedding.  One of the perks using a resort over a small hotel is that the resorts double as both accommodation for you and all of your guests and as a spectacular wedding venue as well.  However, choosing a smaller hotel you will have less people around for a more romantic setting.

Jamaica has a multitude of all-inclusive resorts on the island. These resorts are the perfect place to have a destination wedding. There are many wedding chapels to say “I Do” surrounded by your family and friends.  For easy access, some these wedding chapels are located on the resort premises.  

If you wanted a particular church for your wedding you would have to find out where it was located and work with the resort to help you organize.  So depending on the type of ceremony you want you would need to make these arrangements beforehand.   Many of the chapels located near the hotels have a lovely area for a small beach gathering afterwards.

If you wanted a more elaborate and extravagant Jamaica wedding reception there are many other available spots for fun in the sun that are sure to fit your fancy as well.  If you do enough searching and investigating when planning your Jamaica wedding, you’ll also be sure to find a few all-inclusive resorts that give offer a free wedding ceremony. Some of these luxurious resorts give a free basic wedding to guests who stay for the minimum required amount of time.  Generally it is a three, five or seven day minimum stay, but of course that depends on the resort that you are dealing with.  It’s a great way to save some money so that you can splurge on another bottle of champagne or an upgrade to your room.

Make sure and consider the time of year that you are planning your Jamaica wedding. Getting married in the hottest months may not be ideal, unless you are planning a sea-side or indoor wedding and are not bothered by the humidity and heat. Instead, you may wish to do a wedding in the cooler months instead, which gives you all the benefits of summer without the stifling heat it brings.  Remember that is it possible to get married in the winter months in Jamaica with out donning your snow boots and parkas for the ceremony since they don’t actually have ‘winter’.

There are two main seasons, dry and rainy.  You don’t want to plan a beach wedding in the rainy season because the weather and skies can be unpredictable. If getting married on a certain date is important to you, take into consideration the average weather conditions and climate for that time of year.  You should also be wary of hurricane season which can also affect your travel plans.  Some resorts offer a special ‘hurricane guarantee’ so be sure to ask about it.

No matter what your budget, you should be able to find a place that is perfect for your Jamaica wedding.  Try and contact a local wedding planner if you decide not to use a resort.  They can help steer you in the right direction and assist with organizing things before you get there.  Using a planner gives you some more flexibility and doesn’t limit you to having your Jamaica wedding at the hotel you are staying at.  Remember Jamaica has amazing waterfalls and all types of green backdrops – the ocean isn’t the only beautiful place to have a Jamaica wedding.