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Tips For Celebrating Your Silver Wedding Anniversary

Tips For Celebrating Your Silver Wedding Anniversary

Getting ready

A silver wedding anniversary occurs on the 25th year of marriage. It is an important milestone and your partner will be expecting you to treat it as such. They key to a memorable celebration is planning. Starting early is advised, advance planning will help add touches that make it personal to your partner. Fortunately after 25 years you should know your partner very well!

There are two parts to this milestone that need attention. The first is the celebration itself and the second is the gift. We look at each in turn.

1) Celebrating a 25th anniversary

Start by planning the main meal. Do you intend to have the focus on lunch or dinner? Will you cook something or will you go out? Perhaps you will be on holiday (see Gift Suggestions below)

If you are not working on the day of the anniversary you could plan a whole day of activities doing as much or as little as you like.

Overall make it a romantic occasion and celebrate your lasting love for eachother. Don’t forget to use lots of silver coloured things, for example: Silver glitter, silver table cloth, silver balloons, disposable silver plates and cutlery. If you don’t own these things and can’t get hold of them you could create your own touches with silver spray paint or silver inked pen.

The usual rules for a romantic occasion still apply! Don’t forget the flowers, chocolates and music!

2) Gift Suggestions

This milestone is traditionally celebrated with gifts containing or related to silver.

When choosing a gift for a special occasion such as this one should bear the following in mind, the gift should be 1) personal 2) meaningful and 3) memorable

A personal touch – Try to make the gift unique or as rare as possible. This adds a special feeling to the gift

Meaningful – The gift should be meaningful t the receiver. Try to make it relate to them as an individual. Think about what they like and their interests

Memorable – The best gifts are those that last forever either physically or in memory

Silver Jewellery

This is probably the most popular gift as it lasts forever and can be both personal and meaningful. For a twist consider using silver jewellery to tie another gift, for example if you want to buy a gift in the form of paper, print it on heavy, good quality (silver) paper and roll it into a scroll. Tie the scroll with a delicate silver necklace and pendant. This way you could have a non physical gift, like a printed voucher, wrapped with a piece of jewellery to remind your partner of this special occasion.

A special holiday to a destination that contains silver.

Most large cities (e.g. New York or London) have a Silver Street or Silver Beach

Another gift wrapped in silver

Wrap in jewellery, silver ribbon or present it in a silver box.