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Tips For a Successful Gift Registry

Tips For a Successful Gift Registry

The process of choosing a wedding gift used to be very difficult and time consuming. It has caused a lot of headaches and frustrations on both the part of the giver (who does not know what to give the couple) and the receiver (who does not know what to do with duplicate gifts with no function at all). But that was before the discovery of registries.

These are usually found in a major department store selling a wide variety of items. There are even online services making the task of choosing a present all the more easier. Here is how to take advantage of the convenience offered by a registry.


The best time to set one up is immediately after you get engaged. While it may be to far from the wedding date, the registry can serve as a convenient station for those who want to give the couple a gift for their engagement party or bridal shower.

Choose a registry with different locations

The aim of this service is primarily there to provide convenience for people who want to give gifts for the couple. It is thus practical to choose a registry that provides accessibility to most people.

What do you need?

Some couples register for traditional gifts even though they will have less use for such gift considering their lifestyle. Take stock of the things you love to do now and in the future and consider the possible gifts that will respond to your requirements. For example, why register for bakeware when you are not even interested in it and do not have plans to learn how to bake later?

Choose a registry with online facilities

A store with online facilities will provide more convenient gift giving for your friends. This is especially ideal for people who are busy and who could not physically go to the store. An online facility will allow more guests to buy items for the couple.


Ask for any promotion or perks that the store offers in exchange for those setting up a registry with them. There are stores that provide certain items to the couple when they reach a certain point or if the number of items or gifts bought for the couple reaches a certain quantity.

Make this a bonding moment

The couple should register together so they can choose items that will appeal to both of them. You may discover things you did not previously know about each other, as you may have the same taste in linen or that you are incompatible when it comes to gadgets.

Announcing that you have a gift registry can be awkward but this can be achieved with a little creativity. You can use your wedding site with the details or simple have the news spread by word of mouth.