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The Wedding Videographer Interview – How to Evaluate the Videographer

The Wedding Videographer Interview – How to Evaluate the Videographer

The videographer interview is probably the most important step in choosing the right professional to cover your event. Although the information gathering stage is vital, the interview will make or break the wedding videographer’s chances of working with you. This is when you must get all the facts and evaluate the wedding videographer’s capability to produce the footage you want. This can be intimidating for brides and grooms who know nothing about taking video. As you work through the interview, be prepared and know what to expect.

The Tone of the Interview

The tone of the interview is probably the easiest thing to evaluate. As soon as you schedule the meeting over the phone, you should start to get a feel for how this wedding videographer treats customers. While you present questions and listen to answers, evaluate how the professional responds to you. If they seem cold or annoyed by your questions, end the interview and look elsewhere.

All wedding vendors must have one thing in common: a pleasant, courteous nature. They will be working with and around your guests, and you do not want someone with a bad attitude ruining the atmosphere at your wedding. What’s worse is if the person doing this is someone you are paying to be there. Avoid this problem by getting a feel for the wedding videographer’s personality during the interview process.

Confidence can Indicate Experience

It is easy for a wedding videographer to say they have experience and are the best in their field. Make sure the claim is true by asking more in depth questions. How confident did they sound when you asked about lighting or what kind of microphones they use? If they seem unsure of themselves now, how can you expect them to record with confidence at your wedding? Some people don’t interview well, but as a wedding vendor, your videographer should have ample experience answering these basic questions with ease.

A Solid Quote

At some point during the interview, you will have to talk money. The wedding videographer should be prepared to supply you with a complete list of all the things the video package you chose includes as well as an exact price. If they can’t, then something is wrong. You should know up front how much you are spending. A professional wedding videographer will already have their rates set and providing a list should be no problem. The only unknown factors should be mileage and accommodations (if you are paying for them to stay in a hotel). Estimates must be available and a total should be discussed long before the wedding date.

You are an Employer

Do not be afraid to ask the wedding videographer any questions you have, even if they seem mundane or irrelevant. A seasoned professional will be happy to answer for you as well a listen to your concerns and find ways to handle them. It is easy to forget that you are essentially employing the wedding videographer for the day. Make sure you hire someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and skilled at what they do.