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The Most Popular Jungle Animals

The Most Popular Jungle Animals

Jungle animals. They are cute, dangerous and majestic. Each one of them has been created to survive the harsh jungle conditions and to be unique in its own ways. Some jungle animals are exceptionally fast, others impress with their strength.

If you are about to host a party or if you are just curious, you are probably wondering about the most popular jungle animals. This article will provide you with some information about the most loved inhabitants of the jungle and with some curious facts about each animal.

Monkeys are adorable. These cute primates resemble human form and behavior, which makes them rather lovable.

A number of monkey species inhabits the jungles of the world. Some primates and monkeys are small and dexterous, while others are impressive in size – the gorilla, for example. Other types of primates that inhabit jungles include spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons, orangutans, gibbons and many others.

You will discover many intriguing facts about monkeys and primates. It is a well-known fact that they use facial expressions and sounds to communicate with each other. They are also capable of expressing love. One animal that loves another will usually groom the object of affection, in order to demonstrate the strong sentiments.

Lions are often named the kings of the jungle. They are impressive, beautiful and strong.

The mane of male lions is probably one of the most specific characteristics of this species. Lions inhabit Africa and India, unfortunately decreasing in number.

One intriguing fact about lions is that the females do most of the hunting – nearly 95 percent of it all. Males are responsible for keeping the pride safe and united.

The elephant is the largest mammal on Earth, which manages to maintain its ‘cute’ and intelligent appearance. Two types of elephants inhabit the planet today – the African and the Asian elephant.

Elephants can live for up to 75 years. It is interesting to know that adult elephants have no natural enemies. Humans are the only beings that hunt and kill these animals and the consequences of such actions turn out to be disastrous.

The Australian freshwater crocodile inhabits rainforests and is one of the most dangerous predators in nature.

Crocodiles rank among the oldest inhabitants of planet earth – they appeared nearly 240 million years ago. Their impressive size and killing abilities turn them into absolute survivors. A crocodile can live as many as 80 years.

The giraffe’s cute eyes and long neck make it instantly adorable. Giraffes are natives to Africa and are the tallest animals.

Giraffes have very long tongues that help them get food. These tongues are also useful in hygienic terms – a giraffe can use its tongue to clean its own ears! Giraffes tend to live longer in zoos – up to 25 years. In nature, a giraffe can live for 15 years at most.

Although we don’t get to see them often in real life, jungle animals are still popular symbols and themes for both kids and adults. The images of popular jungle animals are used in movies, party decorations and plush toys. These animals can even be the focus of a party, baby shower or even bridal shower theme.