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The Importance Of Bridal Registry

The Importance Of Bridal Registry

He just proposed to you and now you are beginning a new adventure of planning your wedding. One of the many things you will have to do for your wedding is register. So what is the importance of a registry? The registry is a “wish list” for your friends and family to use to get the gifts that you chose.

There are many retail companies and Internet sites that offer bridal registries. How do you choose when there is so many?

Here are some helpful hints to use before deciding….

You will want to think of what style you are looking for. Do you like to decorate and do you entertain a lot? What colors do you like? Do you like change? These are some important questions that will help you make the perfect decision. Some bridal consultants will ask questions to get to know you as a couple to see what kind of personality you have! Because believe it or not the products have personality too!

Most Bridal Registry stores have a checklist you can go by. This is a good tool because it will list some of the things you might have not thought about. Make sure to review it as you look around. Make sure you plan for at least two hours of time for registering. You want to make sure you get all categories!

As a consultant I can honestly say that there are hidden secrets to the products. As a consumer you may look at the product and decide whether you like it or not. But ask yourself what makes this product better than the others? Where was it made? How can I use this? The more knowledge you have on the product the better it looks in your eyes!

My best advice to a couple coming in to register is to have an open mind and listen to suggestions. This is your special time and you need to think of this has a “Wish List”. You want to have plenty of options for your guest in different price ranges. Do Not make this a rush registry meaning don’t come in thinking it can be done in 15 minutes. Have fun adding things – even choose a fun gift. A new hot item I see getting registered for is the digital frames! Guys, cookware and electrics are fun to register for!

Some Internet websites will host a list of stores that will take you to each store. There you will be able to create a registry, add items, delete items, and track gifts. You will also find that some websites have Wedding Planning Tools to use. Such tools would be a wedding website, budget calculator, guest list manager and scrapbooks. Nowadays, people like the convince of getting online and ordering gifts and having it sent to you without the hassle.

If you decide to go to the store make sure you call the bridal consultant at the store to set an appointment. Most stores have a few scanners so you want to make sure one is reserved for you. When you arrive at your appointment the consultant will go over all details with you. They are trained in product knowledge and they can educate, also tell you what the best quality is. Some department stores like Macy’s offer Reward Programs. How would you like to earn extra money just by registering with that store? Also you will want to know about the return policies. When it comes to exchange the gift make an appointment. You will get the one on one customer service you need.

Don’t forget about Enclosure Cards & Invitation Emails….

With most companies they will give you tools of getting the word out! Also you will see that couples can create their wedding websites and there is a category for registries. There is a new company that just started bridal registry – Taste of Home Entertaining. This company caters to a unique product line. They are one of the many companies that have the Invitation Registries you can send out. If you need to get more cards you can ask your consultant to mail or order online. Some stores carry the cards.

Wherever you decide to register just remember you are planning on getting items you will see everyday! Make sure you are happy with your selection. It’s always good to bring your fianc√© or a friend to get opinions. Enjoy this time and have fun creating your dream registry.