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Should You Consider Opal Engagement Rings?

Should You Consider Opal Engagement Rings?

More and more engagement couples are now looking for the less obvious choice when it comes to engagement rings. These are the modern couples who are not at all that impressed by diamond rings and are looking for something that will stand out as well as represent them better. If you are one of these couples looking for the one ring, I’d suggest looking into opal engagement rings. As the name says, these engagement rings are using opal gemstone as the center and they are just stunning.

When it comes to these opal engagement rings the first thing you will notice is the color. Or to be more precise, the colors. As you might know opal is the only gemstone in the world that can produce every single color from the spectrum from a single stone. this has of course lead to a lot of mystifying of the opal gemstone in the past where the scientist and people were not certain how this amazing play of colors is able to take place in the gemstone. As it turned out, the opals are made of microscopic spheres of silica arranged in an orderly network. Because of this light that passes thought the stone can be diffracted into very various colors of the spectrum.

However no matter what sort of opals you chose for your opal engagement rings you need to know the gemstones only flaw. There is a hardness scale used to measure the hardness factor and on it opals are ranking a low-ish 5.5 to 6 at best. For your comparison be aware that diamonds have a 10 ranking on the scale. This means that you should be more careful as opals are more prone to chipping and cracking but if you are willing to look past that one flaw and be careful with your ring you are guaranteed to make an amazing choice as these gemstones are prefect.

The most amazing thing about all opal engagement rings is the play of color. This takes place because the light brakes in the little microscopic spheres of silica arranged in an orderly network and as the result it produces a very different spectrum of colors of the gemstone. But having that said there is no single type of opal but several different ones you can buy and get for your engagement ring. The more popular ones being Dark or Black Opal, White or Light Opal, Milk or Crystal Opal, Boulder Opal, Opal Matrix, Yowah Nuts from Queensland – the so-called “picture stones”, and also Mexican and Fire Opal.

That all said, there is only one drawback of going with opal engagement rings. The fact that these rings might not be as resistant and as durable as the more traditional option. You see on the MOHS or the harness scale use to measure these gemstones, the opals are only ranking between 5.5 to 6 depending on the stone and the type. Compared to the diamonds that are rocking a solid 10 you can understand how opals will chip more and be less resistant to the daily ware and tare. However if you are willing to work with this you are going to have an amazing and very unique engagement ring!