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Seychelles Fairs and Festivals

Seychelles Fairs and Festivals

A mainly East African cuisine feast is spread out for those who managed to pay the entry fee at the Kenyan night traditionally held at the International Conference centre in Seychelles. This event and a whole host of others similar to it have been held to celebrate Fet Afrik in Seychelles. One of the many fairs and festivals held in Seychelles all throughout the year. Fet Afrik festival in Seychelles is held to pay tribute to the country’s African roots, although the later years Kenyan culture has heavily featured in the event as many Seychellois had migrated to that country. The popular event in the Seychelles also features international as well as local performers, each giving their take on the African culture.

Another festival held in the Seychelles is the Rotary club of Victoria fishing tournament; a charity event where the best fishermen are given cash prizes. Held in April just before the south east monsoon the tournament goes on for 2 days, however with all the exotic fish to be found in the Seychelles waters, everyone taking part in the event is bound to be a winner.

If you are planning a trip to Seychelles in August it is the perfect time to attend the Assumption feast held on La Digue Island. This feast is especially symbolic to the locals who are in majority Roman Catholics. It is a tradition to have young children parade on the island in the honour of the Virgin Mary, singing hymns that have been sung by generations before them. Interestingly once the religious rituals are over, it is the perfect chance to witness the welcoming nature of people on La Digue as well as their fun loving side. It is a time of serious partying on the usually quiet island.

The main festival in Seychelles is the Kreol festival held in October, a mind blowing experience indeed!
Priding itself on being the ‘Creole Capital of the world’ the event lasting a week is one full of carnivals, musical shows all depicting different aspects of the Kreol culture. This festival is when the Seychellois -on all 118 islands- show their pride at being Creole for the entire world to see. It is the Seychelles equivalent to the Rio de Janeiro festival. Children as young as five join in the carnival -with a different theme every year- dancing in the streets and generally having fun.

This is another festival in the Seychelles which must not be missed at all costs! Artists from other creole–speaking countries are also invited to show aspects of their culture. The Kreol festival held in October in the Seychelles is really a time where Victoria proves to the world that it is indeed the creole capital of the world!