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Marriage Manifesto For Brides and Grooms: Create A Married Life You Will Love For Eternity – Part 2

Marriage Manifesto For Brides and Grooms: Create A Married Life You Will Love For Eternity – Part 2

This article is the second part of Marriage Manifesto for Brides and Grooms: Create A Married Life You Will Love For Eternity- Part 1.

Identify several A to Z’s that resonate authentically with you.

Here is a sample list of some of the A to Z’s that resonate authentically for me … but DON’T copy mine verbatim! Do this activity and carefully select the items that are near and dear to your heart! This is your life! This is your marriage! By getting deliberate in your desires, you can have a marriage you will love for eternity.

Identification, communication and ongoing implementation are among the keys to creating a marriage you will love.

Don’t get stuck with a stinky marriage!

No one deserves to have a rotten marriage.

Yet, statistics tell us that our world is full of marriages that don’t work and eventually end in divorce.

So how can you divorce proof your marriage? I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but I know who does! It is in my rock solid faith in my creator, that I believe with all my heart when a marriage is based on true authenticity it holds the wonderful possibility of lasting for eternity.

Here is my sample list. When you create your own list you need to be able to defend and support each and every item that you list. Don’t be afraid to be honest to your core!

Word of caution: Don’t be afraid that if you are totally honest you will lose your fiancée! The bottom line is if you are not honest – you will pay a dear price and end up with a cheap imitation of what you really want in life. It is not worth it! In the long run… chances are you will end up hating your life if you are not honest today.

Today’s honesty is tomorrow’s happiness. It is up to you to create a life you will love… a life that rings true to the very core of who you are and why you were created! If you were created to be with this other person, then your lists will work together in a beautiful way! Sure, it will take work! But you will have the basis in which the two of you can begin creating your very own unique marriage manifesto.

My Sample A to Z List

A = Appreciation, Affection, Agape

B= Basis, Belief, Balance, Beauty

C= Communication, Commitment, Compassion, Chemistry

D= Discussion, Desire, Dates, Diligence

E= Encouragement

F= Fun, Flexibility, Friends

G= GOD, Goals, Goodness, Generosity, Gratefulness, Gentleness

H= Honesty, Humor, Harmony, Heartthrob, Haven

I= Integrity, Imagination, Interest, Improvement, Ingenuity


K= Kindness, Kinesthetic

L= Love, Laughter

M=, Mission, Magnificent, Money Management

N= Nice, Natural

O= Optimistic, Organized, Orgasmic

P= Playfulness, Passionate, Patience

Q= Quality

R= Romantic, Respect

S= Spontaneous, Sharing, Sensual

T= Togetherness, Trust

U= Understanding

V= Victory

W= Walks

X= Xmas

Y= Yard

Z= Zeal

Abundant Blessings!

Kathi Dameron

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