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Make Up Artistry As A Career Choice

Make Up Artistry As A Career Choice

A make up artist’s job is to apply make up to a person’s body in an attempt to either enhance features or completely change them. The entertainment, photography, modelling and wedding fields are the most common arenas to work in.

Make up artistry is mostly an on the job training type of occupation, relying on natural talents and instincts, although specialized courses will enhance your prospects for employment. Training yourself is certainly possible but you will need to keep yourself informed of the latest make up trends, and products on the market. Practicing on family and friends is a great way to test your skills and build confidence. However generally speaking, as in most industries, having qualification or extensive experience will be preferred over those applicants without.. Many novice make up artist will seek employment in a cosmetic company, where they will be exposed to various products and their uses and will usually have the opportunity to apply these on customers.

The entertainment industry is probably the most prestigious area of the make up artist field, with the movie arena being top of the list. It is a highly competitive field with very few openings, but those with established careers in this industry can earn upwards of $85,000.00 per annum. Experience and demand for your work will ultimately set your salary.

Photography and modelling are other fields that are popular areas to work in. These fields are a little easier to get into, but still require a lot of hard work and determination to succeed. It will take time to build up a good relationship with agencies and photographers, and may require a time of unpaid “work experience” to establish your network and reputation. The rewards can be very beneficial however with the potential to earn upwards of $1500 a day for an experienced make up artist.

Formals and weddings are the most popular areas for a budding make up artist and probably the easiest arena to move into. An average cost per face for weddings is around $50 and upwards of $100 for an experienced artist.

This field of work is exciting and can be extremely profitable. Sadly, it is also difficult to prepare for it and often hard to find employment in it. Many artists have had to hold down 9-5 day jobs and take on casual evening or weekend work in related employment such as cosmetic companies to gain the exposure they will require to make their presence in the industry known.if make up is your passion and you are successful, you can expect to be more than amply compensated.