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How Private Detectives Are Used in India

How Private Detectives Are Used in India

In 25 years from now, India and China are expected to become global economic and political hegemons. India’s rapidly growing populations, with its increasing purchasing power presents a luscious market for many goods and services. Private investigation is one of the fields benefiting from India’s dynamic society shifts and effervescent economy.

Private detectives are not new to India, although traditionally their services were reserved for the elite, it is no longer the case today. Private investigators were often hired by the upper-class families in order to verify the back ground of a potential bride or groom. Family traditions in India have been carefully preserved and to this day most marriages are pre-arranged. The expansion of the internet in India, created new methods to seek out or promote a future bride or groom. As well, internet allowed young Indians to no longer rely on their family members to find them a suitable match, but to actually search on their own. This gave a way for many new candidates to pour out pictures and personal descriptions on pages of matrimonial websites and news paper online classified sections. This increased the selection, but also increased the risks.

In India, the first step in wedding planning is to hire a private detective. Provided with detailed information on a potential bride or groom, the private eye has for a mission to either confirm or refute the facts submitted by his clients. Cases are known,where one would hide previous marriages and children from those unions, or a potential bride will omit to mention previous relationships. In other cases it is the authenticity of a claimed academic degree that might be in question, or presence of a harmful habit such as smoking, or the exactitude of the claimed income. The role of a private investigator in India is to carefully evaluate whether client’s potential spouse is being entirely truthful. At times a small discrepancy in the statements, when dug deeper, exposes multiple other inconsistencies.

In India, unlike many other countries divorces are rather rare. Only five reasons, as opposed to 16 in the USA, are considered valid enough to file for a divorce. Those reasons are: adultery, cruelty, impotency, desertion and chronic disease. Hence, in India divorces are very unpopular and everything will be done to avoid one. Therefore, when concluding a union it is especially important to choose the partner carefully, otherwise it might lead to a lifelong regret.

There are over 40 000 female private investigators in India, their services are told to be especially effective in gaining trust of the female entourage of a potential groom. Passing for a house worker, they easily obtain information from the groom’s maid on his personal life for example. As well, female detectives tend to raise less suspicion and benefit from greater collaboration on behalf of the subjects.

Between 20 to 40 {1254b3136e363a8ad620d2dc6a61e979d0604e6ce206fde0b5709e016f906ac4} of all premarital investigation practices are told to result in a wedding annulment[i]. This means that on average 3 out of 10 unions are prevented due to a diligent work of a private eye.

Whether it is visiting a childhood village and interviewing former classmates, talking to a maid or going through personal email or text messaging history, private detectives will provide its clients with the peace of mind, needed to conclude an alliance of a lifetime. It is not a question of trust, but rather a question of vigilance. Although a background check does not guarantee that the subject will not commit adultery in the future, it gives an idea of any undesired baggage one might carry, and the level of honesty presented while describing one’s self.

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