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How About a Fire and Ice Bridal Shower Tea Party If You Are Looking For Unique Bridal Shower Ideas?

How About a Fire and Ice Bridal Shower Tea Party If You Are Looking For Unique Bridal Shower Ideas?

Tired of the same old bridal shower ideas? A Fire and Ice bridal shower tea party will make for a very memorable event. And the bride will love you for it!The theme “Fire and Ice” says opposites attract. You may want to make it even more memorable and make it a couples party.

Don’t worry if you want to keep it girls only. I have some great ideas that will create an event that will heat up and send chills down your guest’s spine. Your guests will be so impressed when they see your attention to detail.

So let’s get started. Your invitations will speak volumes to your guests. They can create excitement and anticipation of your bridal shower. Consider the look of the invitation and the feel of the paper. You may want to discuss with the future bride to help you to decide on your color scheme and make the invitations in keeping with those colors.

Don’t forget to include the dress requirement for your bridal shower tea party. Some prefer to keep it casual and others want to bring out the white china, crystal and silver. Inform your guests on the expected dress requirements. 

When hosting a tea party, give yourself time. Plan the decorations, and if you are creative, a chance to make some. A Fire and Ice theme, as one of your tea party ideas gives you a lot of options for decorations and a menu. Figure out a budget and start considering the kinds of decorations you want to use.

You may want to buy some ice sculptures. You can create your own ice sculptures, ice candle holders and ice votive candles. You will need freezer space, or, if you live in a cold climate, you can make them ahead and keep them outdoors.

The color scheme can vary from white on white to ice blue and red accents. For those that want a very formal looking affair nothing speaks “Fire and Ice” than black and white with silver accents.

More on looking for a unique bridal shower ideas? How about a fire and ice bridal shower tea party?

The room should have a cool feel, with a warm glow of light. Imagine freshly fallen and fluffy snow that has settled on a calm day. The moon beams have a glimmering reflection on the untouched snow. It is a magical and beautiful moment in nature. You want to have a stunning visual impact as you plan your decorations for your tea party.  

Consider using dry ice, theater smoke or fog machine to make it appear as if the room was really cold and everyone will feel that they are walking on clouds.

Use lots of little white twinkling lights and drape white tulle over the lights and put them around the room for a cool and warm twinkling effect.  

Make dramatic tall decorations with branches from your yard. Paint them white and cover them with iridescent glitter. Place them in crystal vases. They will glimmer from the candles on the table.  

The menu for your bridal shower tea party will depend on if you are having an afternoon tea or high tea. You may want to create a Fire and Ice theme menu, having some hot foods and foods that are on ice, or some hot and spicy dishes with some cold side dishes.  

Hosting a tea party, a Fire and Ice bridal shower tea party will be the talk of the bride to be and her guests for many years to come.