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Help! I’m Getting Married and I Hate Having My Photo Taken

Help! I’m Getting Married and I Hate Having My Photo Taken

It’s your worst nightmare. Usually you manage to escape; sometimes you hold the camera. But on your wedding day there’s no way you can avoid having your photo taken.

For the photogenic, it’s the ideal opportunity for them to have well-taken pictures which really reflect their beauty, instead of Aunt Maud’s blurry out-of-focus snapshots. For the style-conscious, it’s an opportunity to create a modelling portfolio with every carefully crafted detail of court trains or cathedral veils. Watch out for your drama queen friend’s Facebook profile to be dominated by a panoramic shot of them drowned in white satin, looking coy in a dramatic black-and-white setting. “It’s all airbrushed anyway,” you mutter, reaching for another chocolate biscuit for comfort.

So what do you do if you’re getting married and you hate having your picture taken? Well, fear not! Here are some survival tips for you:

1. Select wisely.
Find a photographer who makes you feel relaxed. It is so important for you to be able to be yourself on your big day. The last thing you want is some obnoxious paparazzi maniac getting in the way and bossing you around! You need to like them personally, not just their portfolio. They may have amazing pictures, but if they wind you up then don’t hire them!

2. Make sure you discuss your requirements beforehand.
Tell them that you don’t particularly relish being in the limelight, and that you don’t want to be forced into making all sorts of dramatic, uncomfortable poses. If that’s an issue for them, then you may need to reconsider whether they are the right photographer for you.

3. Don’t be afraid of having time out on the day for couple shots.
This is actually a great opportunity for you to have some time with your new husband or wife, away from all the guests. If you don’t like posing, ask for natural shots of you two loved-up newly weds chatting together, walking, perhaps sharing a cheeky kiss. You’ll definitely find images to cherish in these kind of shots – they’re the sort you’ll want to frame and hang on your living room wall.

4. Remember that you’re going to enjoy your big day.
Even if you feel nervous, there is something so special about getting married, that you can’t fail to love it! Once the nervy bit of saying your vows is over, you can just enjoy the celebration! You won’t often see so many of your friends and family all together under one roof. Make the most of it!

5. Know that you can say ‘no’.
It’s your wedding day, and if anyone asks you to do something that you’re not happy with, then just politely refuse. If family and friends are crowding you with their iPhones held out, don’t be afraid to smile and then make your excuses, and walk away to chat to someone instead of feeling you have to stay there with a fixed grin on your face.

However much you hate having your photo taken, if you choose a good photographer, you will get pictures to treasure for a lifetime that won’t age or lose their lustre. You will be at your most beautiful on your wedding day, because you will be excited, exhilarated and ecstatic. Don’t worry about how you’re going to look in the pictures, just enjoy every moment of your special day.