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Free Wedding Planning Software

Free Wedding Planning Software

Free wedding planning software will aid you in thoroughly planning your wedding. How can you find the best free software? The fact is that there are many great programs available that suit all tastes. In order to find the best tool for you, you should simply register a few tools, and pick the one that you like the most. Testing the software yourself is the best way to see whether you will really like it.

Most of these software programs are easy to use; they work from any browser and don’t even have to be downloaded to your computer.

Even though everyone will have their preferences in the choice of free wedding planning software, there are a few important features that any good software should include:

1. Budget management – who pays for what? The software should provide you with an easy budget management tool, including allowing you to keep track of who pays for what (family of the bride, family of the groom, bride, groom, etc.), and generate printable reports with this data.

2. Organizing and coordinating lists of guests and their details.

3. Vendors’ management – managing companies and people who cater your wedding.

4. Advice on wedding planning, guides for the bride and the groom, guides for the wedding reception, and so on.

5. Invitation, RSVP, and Thank You notes’ trackers.

6. The software should feature an automated reminder service that would let you know where you stand.

7. Seating software tool that would allow you to easily plan your seating and table charts.

8. Maintaining gift lists, including the needed ones and the received ones. Good software will generally also provide you with a gift suggestion list.

9. Photo and Video checklist.

10. Music choice suggestions.

Some additional important things to check are:

– Does the website of this software state that they do not sell names or emails to any third parties?

– Has this software website been operating online for long enough time, at least 5-10 years online?

– Does this software already have a vast base of users, at least several thousands users?

– Does the software feature updates of your data, at least daily updates?

– Is your data kept private, and is your area password protected?

Free wedding planning software is a great way to plan and organize the perfect wedding with no hassles. No matter what free wedding planning software you choose to help you plan and organize your wedding, the above suggestions will ensure that you pick the right tool for your needs.