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Five Ways to Cut Costs When Planning Your Wedding Reception

Five Ways to Cut Costs When Planning Your Wedding Reception

If you’re planning a wedding, chances are that you have noticed the high prices that many wedding trends demand. Even if you’re on a budget, though, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t plan a fabulous wedding. Because a wedding reception is expected to cost as much as 50{1254b3136e363a8ad620d2dc6a61e979d0604e6ce206fde0b5709e016f906ac4} of your wedding budget, it would be wise to find ways to save money in that area first.

1.) Save money on your cake by pairing a large groom’s cake with a small, two or three-tiered wedding cake. Especially whenever a reception holds more than 50 to 75 people, it can become expensive to purchase a wedding cake to accommodate all of those people. By simply purchasing a large sheet cake in the same flavor as your wedding cake and cutting those pieces first, guests will never know (or mind, for that matter) that they weren’t receiving the real wedding cake pieces.

2.) Make your own reception centerpieces. Flowers arrangements are classic methods for adorning reception tables and can be purchased affordably when you choose to make them yourself. There are many flower companies that offer online ordering where you can purchase your flower stems at discounted prices and have them delivered on the day that you need. To save even more, consider borrowing vases from close family friends in a variety of shapes and coordinating styles for an eclectic and trendy appearance.

3.) Find tablecloths and other supplies at a discounted price on eBay or through wholesale retailers online. The web provides a wealth of resources for wedding supplies and all you have to do is be willing to search for the bargain. Sometimes people will sell their old wedding supplies on eBay just to get rid of them and many wholesale retailers sell tablecloths and other decorating supplies for less than it costs to rent.

4.) Cut your entertainment costs by nixing the deejay and supplying your own music. MP3 players and I-Pods are abundant this day in age, so surely you or someone you know will have access to these devices and a computer with internet so that you can download songs and create your own playlist for your reception. You may also consider renting a microphone and speakers.

5.) Find a venue that will allow you to organize your own food and beverages. One thing that costs couples tons of money is the catering and open bar expenses, especially when the reception venue requires that you use a certain company to provide your catering and beverage needs. To choose your own catering and beverage providers based on your individual needs, find a reception venue that has an open vendor policy so that you can negotiate and compare prices.