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Exploring the Ins and Outs of a Themed Wedding

Exploring the Ins and Outs of a Themed Wedding

When it comes to preparing and planning for the moment when two people join together as one, many couples aim to create the most fantastic experience. Themed weddings are a great way to present a memorable event, as well as have fun with a theme or subject matter that holds special meaning to both the bride and/or groom. Perhaps both share a love of classic literature and art or maybe love the water. Whatever the topic, it is now possible to incorporate all of these interests and subjects into a wedding theme to remember.

The Different Types of Themed Weddings

In regards to a wedding following a specific theme, there really is no limit to the kind of ideas that have been used or are waiting to become discovered. Some themed weddings carry significance between bride and groom, such as a planned event based upon a hobby they both share. Other weddings transport the married couple-to-be and their guests to another time period, where knights in shining armor ruled the land.

The possibilities are endless as themed weddings may touch upon romantic historical characters, such as Romeo and Juliet or Antony and Cleopatra or create the surroundings of famous places about the world, such as Paris, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. Below you will find some of the aspects associated with a themed wedding to consider when planning such an event:


To alert family and friends when the themed wedding will be held, invitations allow couples to highlight a bit of creativity. For example, Medieval or Renaissance-inspired weddings may utilize invites fashioned from ivory or beige parchment paper with details handwritten by a professional calligrapher. They may arrive rolled up and fastened by a metal ring, sealed with hot wax, or marked with a golden seal.


Themed weddings also allow bride and groom, and their guests to display a wide-range of clothing selections. Creating the feel of a royal Egyptian wedding and taking after Antony and Cleopatra, golden-laced gowns with spiral bracelets, heavy and exaggerated eye makeup, and snake-detailed crowns may appear. Medieval clothing is also popular in various themed wedding events. Attractively decorated kimonos are showcased in Japanese-inspired weddings, while Victorian, Tudor, and Edwardian gowns have graced the aisles of churches.


Depending on the theme, food may range from a banquet-style arrangement of fruit-, olive-, and nut-inspired entrees for a Tuscan-style wedding to appetizers and desserts molded into shapes that correspond with the main idea. For instance, flower petal-dotted cookies and mini-cakes with pink, lavender, and light blue frosting make great accompaniments for a Spring-themed wedding. Tropical-themed weddings should utilize a wealth of fruity flavors in their meals and beverages. Smoothies, grilled fruit skewers, and exotic fruit salads are just some of the things that guests may look forward to.


It is through the decorations that the atmosphere of a themed wedding is laid out. Tea lanterns add the feel of an Asian-inspired wedding setting, while paper dragons float from the sky with vibrant shades of red, orange, and green. Decorating the table, fortune cookies with personalized messages from bride and groom also set the scene. Silver accented goblets filled with wine as centerpieces for a Renaissance-themed wedding are sure to bring a smile to the faces of guests. To create the look and feel of a Hawaiian-inspired wedding, decorations may include coconuts, leis, palm trees, and explosions of color at every bend. Tables may showcase fresh pineapple, sand-filled trays of seashells, and exotic flowers.

Special Touches

Themed weddings also allow couples to live out fantasies as a Fairy Tale union may include bride and groom arriving on horseback or leaving in a horse-drawn carriage like Cinderella. Sometimes, a themed wedding can piggyback on a particular holiday. Halloween allows guests to come in their favorite costume, while Christmas-inspired weddings may showcase a winter wonderland theme with visions of silver and snow. Valentine’s Day opens up a wealth of decorative and edible possibilities, while everything green may dominate a St. Patrick’s Day union.

Themed weddings are becoming an increasingly popular approach across the world as couples continue to push the envelope of creativity and fun to their limits. When it comes to creating a unique wedding day, brides- and grooms-to-be are only restricted by the limits of their own imagination.