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Event Planning Course – How to Plan a Nice But Budget Family Event

Event Planning Course – How to Plan a Nice But Budget Family Event

Event planning and budgeting, seem to be two different things at times, especially when everyone in the world is facing financial problems because of economic recession. Expenses of catering, rent of a good place and arrangement of other props, oh my Gosh! Don’t want to miss the joy of family get together? You are not in good financial condition? Don’t worry at all. Just keep this fact in mind that money is not the only source of fun. If it was, no poor person in this world would have been seen smiling. What you have to do is plan the event very smartly so you can have a fun filled event that fits in your budget.

  • First of all when you make a list of family members just think that who can help you in any way? It is for sure that every one in the family must be having something to contribute that can help you in your event planning.
  • If you don’t have enough room in your house and can’t afford to hire any suitable place, ask you relative who has a good and specious lawn or back yard for the event and offer them your full help and services in arrangements.
  • To avoid the expense of calling a band or DJ, see if there are any of your family members who have a good voice or want his or her singing talent appreciated. There would be many volunteers who would be interested in performing in the party and would bring their own props.
  • Instead of getting disposable plates and glasses try to arrange crockery of your own, ask some family members to contribute in bringing the dishes from their homes. This will help you keep the cost lower.
  • Food is the main attraction in this kind of events. And of course no family get together would be completed with out good food, but good food means quality of food not quantity of food. If your family dose not compromise on food and they are good eaters then its better to have a ‘one dish party’. Ask each family to prepare a dish and bring for the party.
  • Take help from the children in clearing off. Arrange a competition of clearing the table or who clears the floor quickly. Remember every little help counts.

Now if you liked the event planning tips go and plan an entertaining family get together. One more thing, be ready to contribute in other’s functions as now you are good at event planning.

You can also get help from an event planning course qualified friend or hire one who can guide you and help you with the arrangements. N event planning course can also help you not just at arranging your private events but can also help you in starting your own business.