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Emerging Trends in Indian Wedding Invitations

Emerging Trends in Indian Wedding Invitations

From the style of dressing to the decorations for the event, every aspect of the great Indian wedding seems to have evolved over the years to reach the current stage. These days the event is a wonderful blend of modernity and traditionalism. Innovation starts right from the Indian wedding invitations, wherein the to-be-wed focus on communicating their sentiments of the ceremony through words and style.

The days of the plain old rectangular wedding cards are gone. Designers now have a huge range to offer couples, from elaborate to simple. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in this segment –

Intricate designing and die cuts –

If couples want to stick to the old cardboard invites, designers have worked a way to make this unique too. The traditional style of gold silver print is meshed with intricate cuts or origami. So you can have cards that are fashioned in different shapes and worked around a theme of your choice. The large range of design includes intricate paper-fold designs, customized cut outs reflecting wedding themes, etc.

Gift boxes/ baskets –

A popular trend rising these days is that of giving a gift box or basket along with the invitation. This is the choice of couples who prefer an elaborate wedding. The box contains not only the wedding invite, but also a small gift as a token of goodwill. Gifts that could be given include hand-made chocolates, scented candles, dry-fruits etc.

Embellished cards –

Adding embellishments like stones, crystals, pearl toned beads, etc. to the wedding invite can have a lasting impression on your guests. Designers include elements of different designs on the card that stand out with these embellishments. These could be a bow, a tassel or even a deity. In whichever way the designer may decide to include this style, your card will look rich and classy.

Scroll invitation cards –

The scroll style of cards gives your wedding a royal theme. There are several options that couples can choose from like embellished boxes lined with velvet-satin to wooden boxes with intricate carving or even metallic cylinders with beautiful designs to hold the scroll. The couple can choose one that falls in their budget.

Handmade Customized Invites –

Taking personalization to another level in Indian wedding cards, designers bring forth the option of handmade customized invites. They create new designs for your wedding as per your brief and hand craft it to perfection. You can use handmade paper of your choice or even Eco-friendly material to make a statement. Sure this type of an invitation will be a little pricey, but the impression it makes is long lasting.