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Confessions of a Bride’s Maid – Maid of Honor Duties

Confessions of a Bride’s Maid – Maid of Honor Duties

My sister recently got married, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as her maid of honor. Often, we recognize the amount of stress the bride has to deal with, in regards to planning and organizing the event. I think it’s wise, too, to recognize the stress put on the bride’s maids and the maid of honor. For my sister’s wedding, it was my job to make sure everything went according to plan, from the planning to the reception.


Do men really care about flowers and cake? When the bride in question here asked her fiance about the cake, he replied, “I don’t like cake.” His only advice whatsoever regarding the cake was that he didn’t like flowers all over it. So, I went to the cake-testing with my sister and helped her pick out a flavor. The baker wasn’t so helpful, either, to be honest, and it was up to me to get the details of each flavor from the baker. Overall, the cake-testing went well and the bride made her choice.


In this case, the bride and groom chose their wedding invitations on their own, but my sister and I constantly went over and over the list, making sure no one was left out. Weeks after the wedding, you don’t want to hear, “Why wasn’t I invited?” from anyone!

Bridal Shower:

Traditionally, it’s the maid of honor that plans the bridal shower. Generally, the women who are invited to the wedding are also invited to the shower. You have to chose a place that is capable of housing the number of invitees, and be sure to send out detailed invitations. You must be able to think ahead – bridal showers often involved simple games for prizes. If there are any that involve guests bringing information or items with them, instructions should be included with the invites. Also, make sure you have enough prizes, favors decorations, and centerpieces for the event. A bridal shower may seem like something simple, but it’s actually pretty complicated.

Wedding Ceremony:

A maid of honor’s duty during the ceremony is to ensure that everything goes as planned. Make sure everyone arrives on time and is in their designated locations. A few things to keep track of: the wedding rings, making sure the bride & groom don’t see each other before the ceremony, flower girls & ring bearers, and signaling the start of the ceremony. Double check to make sure the decorations are in place, guests are seated accordingly, and that the wedding party is correctly informed of their duties.


Again, as with the ceremony, the main duty here is to make sure that everything the bride planned is happening smoothly. Things to keep an eye on: guests arriving, the DJ or band, parents of the bride and groom, the cake, gifts, photographers, guestbook and catering. There are a lot of things going on at once, and the bride and groom shouldn’t have to worry about it all while they’re enjoying their first minutes of matrimony. One thing I personally encountered at my sister’s reception was keeping bad news that had nothing to do with the event away from the happy couple. Bad things happen all the time, but a wedding reception is no place to share the news (unless absolutely necessary).

Of course, being a maid of honor is much more than keeping track of everything. It’s a position of great honor, but also great responsibility.