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Choosing the Wedding Dress – Don’t Look Like a Clown in Your Gown

Choosing the Wedding Dress – Don’t Look Like a Clown in Your Gown

Moments that highlight many a wedding day is when nerves kick in. This is not unusual due to the fact that this is the one day in your life when all eyes are upon you. It is the bride that will always will be the centre of attention at the wedding, and why not with all the effort put into looking fabulous. Nerves affect many a bride mainly due to worry of everything going according to plan. Well if you have planned your wedding day with careful thought then you need not worry.

Before the mention of accessories lets talk on the item we would like to accessorize, and that is, the wedding gown. Choosing a wedding dress without doubt has to be wonderful experience with so many stunning designs and styles to choose from, however, a tiring task for some.

Now let us highlight other matters you need to know to help choose the perfect wedding dress.

What you have to keep in mind when choosing your gown is, wrong choice – wrong image – wrong you. Different gown styles are not particularly designed with you in mind so all that glitters is not gold, meaning, no matter how glamorous some of the dresses are, it does not mean it is going to be the ideal wedding dress for you. Your shape, figure and height are important issues that need to be looked into before committing to buy. Take along a member of family or friend to help you pick the dress that will give you the perfect look. Bringing someone shopping with you who will give an honest opinion on your choice, will save you time, and in a lot of cases, money too.

If the wedding dress you see on the mannequin standing in the bridal shop window catches your eye, do not act on impulse and buy it. Just because it looks great on the dummy does not necessarily mean it will on you. We can not have you looking like a clown in your gown.

Can dreams come true in picking the perfect gown, yes. You will go to the ball Cinderella. Fairy godmothers (seamstress) do exist. Armed with a needle and cotton the seamstress can conjure up the dress you have always dreamed of wearing? All you have to do is to provide the details of the fabric, colour, size and style you would like, and with her magic needle you get to walk down the aisle in the gown of your dreams where your prince charming awaits. A good thing about having your own wedding dress made is, because any alterations to meet the requirements of your comfort level can be done at your own leisure. The seamstress can advise you on best materials and fabric for your wedding gown also.

White, ivory, and beige are favoured colours for a wedding dress. Accessories give elegance to the whole look when worn up against these shades. Neutral and pastel colours are so easy to coordinate with the bridesmaids attire also.Remember to choose your wedding flowers with the gown in mind. The big bouquet can hide the style, whereas a small posy can be just that…too small.

Looking through magazines to gather ideas will keep you updated with all the wedding fashion.

No bridal gown on a dummy will ever look as good as the real thing, so try it on to get the real picture. Now go knock them dead because today the worlds your (oyster,) another lovely shade for the gown.