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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Songs

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Songs

Music is essential in any type of wedding. Whether setting the mood or signaling an upcoming part of the ceremony or reception, music gives auditory cues to tell people what to do. Based on the music, people will know if this is the time to talk or the time to dance. But generally, wedding songs create an air of romance in any wedding.

If you have your own sound system, make sure there is someone knowledgeable about when to play a specific song or music. If you are hiring a music service provider, ask their expertise when it comes to wedding. The more weddings they have hosted, the more playlist songs they have for you to choose from.

Your preparation for your wedding songs shouldn’t be just ‘Press Play’. Here are some essentials you need to know when preparing your wedding music.

During the processional, recessional and interlude part of the ceremony, background music should be played. For the reception, background music should be played during the couple’s entrance and registration of the guests (if applicable), cutting the cake, first dance, and party.

At the church, when the bride walks down the aisle, music will be played. You can choose whether to make it instrumental, played by CD, or have a live choir sing it. For convenience and if it is a hard piece to play instrumental to sing live, have a CD prepared instead. For a more dramatic appeal, make it instrumental. But for a goosebump-worthy song, you can get your own wedding singer or have the choir sing it for you.

At the reception, play soft music as the guests arrive. Make it a soft background music as this is the time where the guests will mingle and get the chance to catch up before they get seated. Do not make their conversational voices compete with loud or fast music.

As the couple enters, most would opt for instrumental background music.
When the couple cuts the cake, have a fun, lively music in the background.
For the first dance, get the theme song of the couple or a song with meaning for the couple.

For the party, this is where you play party-hardy music. You can continue playing this music up until the end of the reception or until the bride distributes the wedding favors.

As much as possible, choose songs that played a crucial part in your relationship – songs that have meaning. Do not worry much whether your guests are too old or too young for the genre of music you are playing. What is important is you get to hear your favorite songs in the background and the guests get to learn more about the two of you through the music that you play.

You need not copy the music from the last wedding you have attended nor choose songs that are popular. Remember that first and foremost, the wedding is mostly for the bride and groom, and that it is the celebration of their love and commitment to each other. And after the wedding, the happy couple shall indeed create their own music together – as they say, just like violin strings that sound better together than when apart.