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Choosing the Best Gift to Give to Your Bridesmaids

Choosing the Best Gift to Give to Your Bridesmaids

Arranging a wedding can be a stressful time for all concerned so taking as much help as possible is always advised. Prioritizing things that need to be done in order of importance is a handy tip to ensure that the most important wedding plans are carried through first and then move on to something that is not quite as popular. But all the time that the more important things are being arranged you may still have a few niggling concerns in the back of your mind, one of which is of very little importance for the over all running of the wedding but on a personal level is massively important to show your appreciation to those people closest to the bride on the big day, the bridesmaids. What choices have you open to you when choosing a gift to show your gratitude to your bridesmaids?

It is traditional for the bridesmaids to receive their thank you gift before the wedding as it usually comes in the form of a small piece of jewelery that they can wear on the special day and these are normally a piece of jewelery that can be warn over and over again over the years to remind them of their involvement in the wedding. Traditionally these bridesmaids gifts are usually given to the lucky ladies a few days before the wedding, perhaps on the final fitting for the bridesmaids dresses or some other kind of rehearsal, occasions such as these give the bride a chance to express her appreciation and thanks to each bridesmaid for the job they are going to do for her on her wedding day. It is also usual practice to say thank you to any of the junior bridesmaids as well as any flower girls that may be involved in helping out on the special day, these gifts can vary from a smaller piece of jewelery to a voucher for clothing.

Choosing these gifts for the bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and the flower girls is usually the sole responsibility of the bride and can be a very difficult task as there are so many other jobs that need to be done which may appear to more important in the over all arranging of the wedding. You may choose to offer each of the ladies a couple of gifts as a token of your thanks, one being the jewelery item and the other being something a little bit more light hearted to help relieve some of the tension that will undoubtedly be building up in the run up to the wedding day. Other gifts that will be appreciated and also be treasured by the bridesmaids are such things as a group photo shoot of you all together in your outfits, presented to each of the ladies individually in a nice photograph frame.

As the bride it is important to remember exactly what the bridesmaids mean to you and to remember exactly why you chose these ladies to help you out on the occasion of your wedding day, these ladies should be some of your closest friends and people who you have shared both good times and bad times but who have always been there for you. This is your chance to show them how much they mean to you.