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Choosing a Wedding Dress to Suit Your Skin Tone

Choosing a Wedding Dress to Suit Your Skin Tone

Just like the clothes you choose to wear to work, for a night out or to the gym, it’s not all about the style of the outfit but the colour too. Different colours suit certain skin tones better than others and this applies to the colouring of your wedding gown. Just as particular styles enhance various body shapes, so the colour of your bridal wear can totally alter the way a dress looks on you.

When browsing through a shop’s selection of wedding dresses and deciding which ones to try on, the assistants should be more than happy to discuss with you the choice of colours that are available and ascertain what looks good on your own personal skin colouring.

It is important to take into consideration the season in which you are getting married and what your skin tone will be then. Are you having a summer wedding? If so will you have a bit of a tan already, or perhaps you might be choosing to add a fake glow! If you’re going for a professional spray tan or doing it yourself at home we would advise you to have a ‘practice run’ first. If you’re an overseas bride then getting wed in a hot climate it is most likely to alter your skin colour. Do be extra careful if you have a tendency to burn and watch out for unsightly strap marks, neither of which will be a good look! Alternatively if it’s a winter wedding many of us will be sporting the pale English rose complexion! Whatever your personal skin colouring, it should be a determining factor when you’re searching for your dream wedding dress.

When you have worked out what sort of colouring you are going to be on your special day then it’s time to begin looking for your perfect bridal gown. A bride who has darker skin tones can look utterly amazing in white. This traditional colour also works well on brunettes with medium skin tones. Brides with yellow tones in their complexions should avoid lighter coloured wedding dresses as they can look drained.

Wedding dresses that are off-white are less stark than bright white. They are an easier colour to wear, warmer on the skin and are a softer natural shade. There is a huge range of off-white shades and they have varying names which include diamond white, antique white, old white and latte. As they suit virtually all skin tones and hair colours it is a popular colour that many brides opt to buy.

The wedding dress colour ivory works well on dark-haired brides with paler complexions, Mediterranean women, ladies of a darker skin colouring and brides with pink undertones. Ivory looks very different depending on the actual fabric of the wedding dress itself, A bride who looks beautiful in an ivory satin dress may not look so striking in an ivory lace or taffeta gown. Ivory to date is still the best-selling colour and tends to suit most brides.

Light gold, cream and champagne wedding gowns are warming and rich. They can look stunning on red heads and medium skin colours with pink undertones. This colour gives skin a real vibrant lift and can make the wedding dress look more expensive! Very pale and yellowish skin coloured brides should however avoid cream as it can make them look ghostly and drained.

There are no rules that dictate that your wedding gown has to be entirely one colour; another colour could be incorporated into the design. You could have this in different coloured beading and detail, in a chiffon or lace overlay or perhaps as a sash or bow. This can be a great option for many brides who want something that little bit different, as well as tying into the colour theme of your wedding day. Alternatively you may choose to go for a solid colour in a designer wedding dress and have a red, blue, pink, yellow or even black wedding gown. You are the bride and the choice is yours, just make sure you have lots of fun trying them on!