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Can I Really Make My Own Wedding Flowers?

Can I Really Make My Own Wedding Flowers?

Organization, timing and confidence are the three essential factors required for being able to pull off making your own wedding bouquets. DIY wedding flowers can be very simple or extravagant depending on your selections. Since modern stylish bouquets have become much more natural and simple, do it yourself wedding flower design has become increasingly popular and feasible.

To ensure your success and minimize stress, you are best to choose simple styles of bouquets and centerpieces for do it yourself wedding flowers. The simplest bouquets are the one main type of flower bouquets, hand tied. You could use all roses, all gerberas, all sunflowers or all calla lilies to create your stunning bouquets. The bride would get 6-12, the bridesmaids, 3-6, the flower girls, petals in a basket. The centerpieces could be roses floating in water surrounded by candles. Anyone can pull that off as long as they are well organized.

Organization: The key to good floral planning is a bridal planner. You can either purchase a pre-made guide or you could simply use a binder or a notebook with flaps to hold pictures and samples. Anytime you get ideas or to do’s to put on a list, write down the information and place it in your planner. The same goes with photos. If you browse through wedding magazines or through the Internet and you see a photo you like, tear it out or copy it and place it in your planner. This will be your guide and inspiration throughout the wedding planning process. Include a calendar page for the month before and the month of your wedding. Write out a list of all your flower bouquets and other floral items you need for your wedding. Next, write a list of all you will have to do to accomplish your bouquets. For example: buy flowers, buy ribbon, make bouquet, etc.. Spread out the tasks on your calendar pages, keeping the 2 days before the wedding empty of floral tasks (except for boutonnieres and corsages which should be done the day before the wedding)

Timing: To minimize stress and to still have beautifully fresh bouquets on your wedding day, you can easily make the bouquets 3 days before the wedding. For example if your wedding is on Saturday, you could make them on the Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. That way you’ll have enough time to eliminate any problems and enough time for them to remain fresh, as long as they are packaged properly. If you have access to a fridge large enough to hold all your bouquets, or a cold cellar, you can even make them four to five days in advance. Either way, you should have access to a cool or cold area to store your flowers until the wedding day.

Confidence: If you are the people person type and if you have many bridesmaids or centerpieces to create, consider throwing a Pitch in party. It can be fun, add a personal touch to your wedding flowers and really boost your confidence level. Gather the bridesmaids, the aunts, the moms, and anyone else that could lend a hand and plan a Pitch In wedding flower party a few nights before the event. By sharing the tasks amongst your loved ones and guests, the stress dissipates, confidence is raised and it`s a chance to share good times and create memories for years to come. If you only have a few floral items to create, you could just get together with your maid of honor and enjoy working together, chit chat and release stress.