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Budget Wedding Planning Ideas

Budget Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding is just a formal procedure for one day whereas it gives you a lifelong relationship. Thinking about the budget we cannot spoil this long term relationship. So, this article provides you ideas for planning budget wedding that won’t affect your expectations for your wedding ceremony.

The cost of living has increased and so the trend of economical wedding is followed by many couples. They opt for ways to make the wedding look elegant and within the planned budget. This piece of writing provides you with unique tips that would assist you while planning for a budget wedding.

Tips for planning budget wedding:


* Shop for bridesmaids and bridal dresses in a holiday season
* Avail for discounts for food items to be served for children
* Use centerpieces made at home
* Use all available resources like books, experience of relatives/friends or Internet, for ideas.
* Utilize eco-friendly products such as centerpieces, decors which are affordable
* Select and book all miscellaneous services in advance
* Reserve rental items in advance for the ceremony
* Select and order flowers, cakes, decorations
* Purchase gifts
* Assign a close friend or relative, the role of a photographer
* Use photos to decorate the guest book or as centerpieces
* Decorate the venue with items that are already available at home or can be reused
* Choose a simple wedding dress and you can make it look elegant by using flowers in hair and wearing beautiful jewelry. You can opt for simple bridesmaids dresses also
* Selecting short wedding dresses will cost less. You can also opt for secondhand wedding dress.
* Arrange for the ceremony and the reception in one spot – it will cut travel for the vendors
* If you choose bigger tables, you need fewer centerpieces and table cloths
* Think off-peak season and save thousands


Venues can be more creative, if cafes and parks are opted for. While planning a wedding don’t always look for popular wedding venues. There are many other popular options available. In order to check for good cheap wedding sites look for all venues and select the best alternative.


* Plan entertainment programs on your own, it would avoid the costs of hiring a DJ or musicians
* Assign a friend or relative as a key player who will take the responsibility of undertaking all the tasks for the ceremony
* Create a video of your special moments and play it after the ceremony
* Opt for smaller bands
* Avoid Saturday weddings. Saturday is the most popular day for a wedding. This would save a lot of money

Food items:

* Serving foods like Mac and cheese, corn, chicken is a cheaper option.
* Skip the champagne toast
* Offer cocktail instead of full bar
* Leave out the main course
* Rethink and minimize the list of guests. This will lessen your cost of catering and even the number of centerpieces and invitations
* Plan and prepare your own menu cards


* Purchase wedding flowers
* Stick to one to two kinds of flowers
* Opt for artificial flowers instead of real for decorations