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Bridal Party Favors For The Guests

Bridal Party Favors For The Guests

Planning a bridal shower may include choosing the right tokens that the guests will enjoy. Often during bridal showers, there are small gifts that are meant for the people who came to share their precious time with the bride-to-be. It has been a tradition to offer small party gifts for the guests, regardless of what they are. These small tokens are also known party favors that are supposed to be taken home. They also serve as memorabilia of the event, keeping the guests always reminded of the bride’s another special day.

Bridal party favors, if chosen well and heart-felt, make memorable gifts for the guests. There are lots of them in the market, but it pays if the chosen favors would fit in the occasion. Therefore, when planning to give bridal party favors, the host should make sure first that there is a fix decision when it comes to the theme of the party and what it will going to be.

The number of guests is also a deciding factor when choosing party favors. In order not to waste money, it is important to determine how many will come before buying lots of party supplies, though it is smart to have a few extra in case there will damages or unexpected guests.

For a bridal party on a budget, there’s no need to spend a lot for the party favors. There are plenty of inexpensive ideas to go for that can be found at dollar stores or even at the flea market. They don’t need to be truly extravagant, but instead simple yet elegant.

Since most bridal parties and weddings nowadays are theme-based, party supplies and gifts are also available in many different themes. Among the popular themes for bridal parties are beach or summer theme, winter or Christmas theme, garden theme, and fall theme. When planning a themed party, it will be a smart idea to choose party favors that math the theme of the event.

Many are into DIY these days, and favors are among the favorite items that most brides want to make. There are plenty of favor ideas that are actually easy to make. Edible favors such as cookies, chocolates, candies, jams, and honey are some of the popular edible treats that one can make or package at home. Homemade treats are also inexpensive options when trying to stick within a limited budget. Aside from edibles, there are also lots of non-edible ideas that can be easily made at home, such as candles, soaps, scrapbooks, picture frames and etc.

Cute organza bags, favor boxes, and mini jars are often the containers where favors are tucked in. These favor containers are available at local craft stores. These can be ordered in bulk quantity. Custom labels, ribbons, and tags are also available in many choices. Online stores also offer a wide variety of party favors and other bridal shower supplies. Bridal shower invitations, bridal shower decorations, and bridal shower games are also available online and in different choices to choose from.