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Barbados – The Ultimate in Intimate Wedding Destinations

Barbados – The Ultimate in Intimate Wedding Destinations

Destination weddings are back in style as couples become more adventurous and creative in planning their weddings. A dream wedding set far from home is exciting and fun but the preparations might be a little more challenging. And the first thing that the couple would have to agree on would be the destination.

Barbados is considered to be one of the top wedding destinations for couples wanting an intimate yet exciting setting for their vows. The beaches are immaculate and the people are friendly. It’s tough to beat the views the island has to offer.

The hotels in Barbados may be small but they cater to different visitors of various nationalities. Most couples have different preferences but the hotel staff is ready to cater to their every whim.

A small hotel Barbados style wedding is one dream wedding that can be affordable for resourceful couples. Checking the wedding packages before booking is a good way to avoid over-spending. Some packages include everything from the travel expenses, hotel rooms, marriage license, music to the champagne waiting for you in your hotel room. Each hotel offers different packages so a thorough research is recommended. There are also wedding coordinators at the hotel ready to assist couples in their preparations.

There is a variety of wedding settings offered in Barbados. The most preferred is the beach wedding, where the barefoot couple says their vows with the sea as their backdrop. The island offers an assortment of venues, from resorts, restaurants, historical spots and churches. It all depends on the couple’s taste and the budget where the ceremony is held but almost all locations in Barbados is a special place to celebrate love.

The flowers in Barbados are as exotic as you can get. Local orchids are available all year round. Their unique blooms add an air of mystique to any wedding.

The food is another bonus in a Barbados wedding. The hotels and restaurants offer Caribbean style cuisine, including a great selection of wines. An exciting destination wedding is not complete without a sampling of the island’s local exotic dishes made from the day’s catch and the island’s bountiful fruit trees.

Bajan cuisine consists of Coucou, a national dish made from green banana, and Flying Fish, commonly found in the Caribbean. The menu is not limited to the local food; the couple may request international cuisine as well.

No wedding is complete without the memories you take home. The local wedding photographers know the island best and can make the bride look more beautiful against the serene backdrop of the island.

Barbados is also one of the honeymoon capitals of the world. Even small hotels in Barbados have beautiful honeymoon suites perfect for newly weds. Now all the couple has to do is to say goodbye to their guests as they start their new life together.

Imagine reciting your vows to the love of your life while the sun sets on the Caribbean, with your closest friends and family gathered around the two of you. Barbados is truly one romantic island for couples celebrating love.