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5 Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

5 Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage is meant to be a lifetime commitment. However, divorces do happen since no one can really predict their significant other’s or their own actions in the upcoming months, years and decades following their wedding. This is precisely why more people are considering the merits of prenuptial agreements.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement if There is Financial Debt

Most couples don’t want to discuss school loans, credit card debt and a potential mortgage as this subject matter is inherently depressing. However, there is an undeniable imbalance between one soon-to-be spouse who has a considerable debt load and another who has minimal debt or no debt at all. An individual who is debt-free or has a small amount of debt should have a prenuptial agreement in place detailing each party’s financial obligations and how that debt will be divided in the event of a divorce.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement When One Individual has More Assets

Most couples don’t have exactly the same amount of assets. It simply does not make sense for an individual who lacks assets to walk away from a divorce with half or more of their former significant other’s assets. Each party’s assets should be clearly identified and quantified in today’s dollars in a prenuptial agreement that states exactly how those assets will be distributed should the marriage end in divorce.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement if a Business is Involved

Business owners of all types should have a detailed prenuptial agreement in place prior to marrying. The alternative is to move forward without legal protection for the business, ultimately putting it at risk should the husband or wife decide to divorce. It would be a grave injustice if an undeserving marriage partner received a share of the business or income from that business if the marriage were to end in divorce. This is precisely why every business owner should have a comprehensive prenup in place prior to tying the metaphorical knot.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement if There is an Imbalance in Income

Though married couples share pretty much everything, fewer couples are sharing their income with one another as time progresses. After all, we live in a meritocracy in which individuals are rewarded for their hard work, skill and intellect with financial compensation. A breadwinner who earns significantly more than his or her significant other should have a detailed agreement in place to safeguard those deserved earnings and minimize alimony payments in the event of a divorce.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement if Kids Might Enter the Picture

Raising one or several kids requires spending time out of the workforce or paying a care provider to babysit the little ones during the day while mom and dad are at work. A couple that plans on raising one or several kids needs a prenuptial agreement. This legal tool details the amount of alimony to be paid and can even provide such payments for a stay-at-home parent until the child reaches 18-years-old. If such an agreement were not in place, the parent who spends years out of the workforce could potentially emerge from a divorce empty-handed with a stunted career and a diminished earning capacity due to the gap in employment.