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5 Fun Activities for Newlyweds After the Wedding

5 Fun Activities for Newlyweds After the Wedding

Just because the wedding has passed does not mean that there has to be an end to the fun of a relationship. In fact, many would argue that the fun and the time to share in the joy of life together is just beginning. After the wedding stresses are over, you and your partner might need to find some interesting and fun activities to get back to the carefree lives you have together. These activities not only can bring you both joy, but can help remind you both of the passion that unites you as a happy couple.

1. Create a picnic at the park

Together you can make and pack a meal that you both will enjoy, and head to a local park. When there you can sit and eat together, play games, or even just look out at the beauty of the world. This activity is not only relaxing, but will give you both time to be outside and together, without the distractions of television and cell phones.

2. Plan a day to get lost

You can plan a day together to take a drive down a road that you both have never been on. Sightseeing in your local area can wield some kept secrets, like picturesque scenery or a great restaurant that you otherwise might never have known existed. It is okay this one time to get lost together and just enjoy the ride you are taking together.

3. Learn something new

There is always going to be some hobby that you two know completely nothing about. Whether it is dancing, sculpting, or how to swim, take the time to learn this uncharted territory together. You can take a class or try to teach yourselves, no matter what this activity is sure to bring you both close and give you some serious laughs.

4. Plan a slumber party

Take one night of the week to get all your favorite snacks, a newly released movie, and cuddle underneath the covers. You can play games or just talk about your most intimate secrets. If you want to add to the fun of your couple’s night pick up a bottle of wine and some chocolate!

5. Act like kids

Visit a theme park that has plenty of scary and blood-pumping rides for you both to ride on, teacups are fine too. This is a good time to cuddle close or make each other laugh, and just act like children. Children that are in love! Letting out the inner child can bring you closer together and reveal a fun side of you both that you may not see on a daily basis.

These are just a few of the activities you and your partner can to together to celebrate your new chapter in life. Any activity that keeps you both together and focused on fun can bring you closer together. Post-wedding time does not have to mean an end to your fun as a dating couple. It is the beginning to a new and exciting life together as a pair.