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4 Ways to Keep You Motivated to Repair a Broken Marriage

4 Ways to Keep You Motivated to Repair a Broken Marriage

To WANT to repair a broken marriage isn’t going to make a happy marriage. The majority of people with broken marriages don’t want it to be that way.

To KNOW HOW to repair one also won’t make a good marriage. Lots of couples have read tons and tons of books and articles on how to improve their marriage but they still suffer.

Unfortunately, to take the initial steps to improve your marriage is also not enough. A marriage relationship is very complex and it could take lots of work and time to get it back on track. This requires you to constantly stay motivated to reach your goal of a happy and healthy marriage.

In this article I am going to show you 4 different types of motivations strategies to keep yourself and your spouse committed to repair your broken marriage.

1. Positive memories. When the going gets tough take some time to think of something in the past that you would like to recreate. The feeling right after you got married. The homely feeling in your parents or grandparents house. This type of memory gives a lot of people the push to keep on going.

2. Positive dreams. For some people the way to keep motivated in tough situation is to picture a dream and to work towards it. We were inspired by the idea that if we continuously think of something over and over again, we will eventually get it sooner or later. The world will conspire to give us what we really wanted. Coming from our end too, when we think and dream of something, we usually work hard for it to make it happen. This is a good motivation to keep us going amidst all the hardship that comes along.

3. Painful memories. For most people remembering how bad their parent’s, their relative’s, or their friend’s divorce was is a very powerful way to keep motivated to improve their own marriage. You may say it is a bit tragic and traumatic yet most of the people I know who undergo such painful experiences don’t want the same thing to happen to them. They find ways and means to make their lives one step better from the past or those who are dear to them. They don’t want the bad events to repeat.

4. Painful Future. Thinking about how bad things WILL be if they don’t get their act together is also a very powerful motivational strategy. Being visionary often works like magic. When you think you can envision that this will be the outcome if you will do plan A, then think again, you might want to consider plan B or other options. For someone who dreams of a better future, he has to strive hard to short cut and make an easy way far from those painful upcoming events. He plans it well and let painful future not part of the picture.

To fix your marriage might take a long time and you will probably think of quitting in the middle. DON”T! If you stick it out you will be successful in the end. Thousands and thousands of people have done it, and you can too. When the going gets tough, use these 4 motivational strategies to give you strength to continue. Don’t turn back, move forward for a better future.