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4 Factors to Think About Before You Get Your Wedding Videography Package

4 Factors to Think About Before You Get Your Wedding Videography Package

Your wedding photos and video will be with you for the rest of your married life. It is one of the things that will help you remind that romantic day when you said “I Do”. It is treasured by many couples because it reminds them of their most romantic day when they exchange their vows. When everything seems to be hard, tough and difficult, all you have to do is sit down together, get that DVD and watch it all over again. These are some of the things that make your wedding videography special. It has to be done professionally, tastefully and in a manner suitable to you and your partner’s personality. It can say a lot of things about you and who you are.

Like all the other multifaceted specifics of a wedding – gown, tux, cake, reception, china and silver, make-up, flora, invitations, guests, ceremonial dinner rehearsal and a lot more, the wedding photos and video should be given an identical amount of attention and planning. Because after all, the planning and money spent are not realized after, the only things that you’ve got to show are your wedding videography and your rings. So don’t hire anybody just yet! Take into account the following points first before nodding to a videographer at random.


You have to have an estimate on how much you are willing to spend on your wedding videography. Ask around and compare prices. Ask your friends and other family members who just got married about their wedding videography. Some would give out the actual price they paid so ask for the ball-park figure to be safe.

What you want

Picture on how you want the video to come out – topography and the tune. Do you want it to appear caring and fancy? Romantic? Clear-cut? Just think of you and your partner as the basic cast in a romantic movie. Both of you should agree on what to add or not. That is why your desires should be the Videographer? Command.


That is right! Go ahead sit and go online; explore about videography and all the other services that a certain company carries. There are plenty of freebies nowadays to attract clients which add value to your money and quality to their services. But don? Just take their word for it. Watch wedding videos of your friends and relatives so that you?L have a basic idea on what you are going to get. As a business strategy, many of these companies have video samples uploaded online for couples to have a better picture of what their services would look like.

Now for the Packages

As you explore, you’ll get a good picture of how these packages will look like and the amount that you’ll probably spend. Not all videos are the same – there are short and there are long and detailed videos. Carefully read each services. List the items that you want to be included in the package. When you drop by their office, don’t forget to bring your list. If there are some things that you want which are not on their choices, list them down as well and see if you can bargain your way to include those things in the package of your choice.

Just remember that your video and photos will have to last a lifetime. It has to withstand change of time, trend and fashion. It should be like a classical movie or song that doesn’t fade away. And to achieve this you need a perfect videographer who understands what you want and what you need.