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10 Ways to Use Eyelet Lace

10 Ways to Use Eyelet Lace

Eyelet lace is made out of cotton and has that unmistakable look to it; the definite holes that make up the pattern that have then been over sewn so they don’t unravel the rest of the fabric and which makes the pattern stand out from the backing. These holes are what is known as the ‘eyelets’ of the lace, hence the name. This versatile fabric can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are just ten of those:

  1. Dresses and blouses: Because eyelet lace can be bought by the meter or yard and because it has no net back to it, it is easy to work with and make up, even for the beginning sewer. It gives certain femininity to a garment without being see-through or overly busy, and with its clean patterns and plain background, it makes easy wear dresses for both adults and children.
  2. Ring bearer pillows: Your little guy will look adorable walking down the aisle with an eyelet pillow. A bow affixes the rings to the pillow and because eyelet lace isn’t all frilly, but it still dainty, it is the perfect compromise for a little boy that already needs to be in a fancy suit.
  3. Curtains: Eyelet lace is a pretty way to brighten up that window. It will allow light in and give you privacy at the same time and it is a nice alternative to plain fabric. Especially sweet for nurseries or little girl’s bedrooms, it looks great with ribbon tiebacks, or when allowed to hang straight.
  4. Scrapbooking: Yes, you can use eyelet lace, either real or the paper variety when you are creating phenomenal scrapbook pages. You can use it straight or you can paint or colour over a piece to capture the pattern on your paper. It can be used on a variety of different pages and also on invitations, thank you cards, baby announcements and all sorts of other paper crafting projects.
  5. Tablecloths and napkins: This versatile fabric makes for lovely casual tablecloths, or you can use just a bit of eyelet to accent another fabric to make tablecloths and napkins for more formal occasions.
  6. Pillows and accent pieces: Just like a ring bearer pillow at a wedding, using this lace to make regular size pillows is a breeze. The patterns are dainty yet strong enough to be noticed and the eyelet lace brings a certain charm to any project. It is easy to sew together and can be easily accented with different lace.
  7. Headbands: What little girl doesn’t like a headband that isn’t going to dig into her head and be uncomfortable? You can use the fabric for the whole headband or just an accent on one. Jazz that headband up with an eyelet lace flower for a charming pop of fun.
  8. Table runners: Eyelet lace can be used as a runner, either with a tablecloth or alone to be a cute accent on your dining table. Lovely in a country style setting, but can be made to fit in with any décor.
  9. Collars: If you are making your own clothing, you can buy pieces of eyelet lace that are already shaped for your collar, simply sew it on for that unique look.
  10. Miscellaneous crafting: Think outside the box. You can use this versatile fabric pieces for bunting, for banners and for wall hangings. Large pieces that look like doilies can get a new lease on life when you hang them up around the house or incorporate them into artwork. They can be painted, patterned, cut and manipulated to create a unique piece of art.

Eyelet lace has a lot of different uses; it is versatile and pretty enough for a whole host of projects, big or small. What will you use it for?