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10 Alternative Wedding Venues

10 Alternative Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue in the, then why not consider somewhere unusual? Your perfect day doesn’t have to be held in a church or a registry office.

Here are 10 excellent unusual wedding venues.

1. There are many castles in the UK. Why not see if your local, or favourite castle has a wedding licence. Getting married in a castle will certainly make you feel romantic, and you might even decide to tie the knot in the dungeon!

2. With a long drive, imposing building and amazing gardens, what could be better than getting married in a stately home? You’ll feel like the Lord and Lady of the manor, and have people waiting on you hand and foot for the whole day. What could be better?

3. If you’re both sports mad, what could be better than getting married on your team’s pitch, or at the stadium? From football grounds to racecourses, many sporting venues are licenced as wedding venues. Knock your partner for six on your wedding day!

4. If you’re a fan of the movies, why not consider getting married on the set of your favourite film or TV Programme? You’ll feel fantastic being the stars of the show, and will look a million dollars.

5. Getting married on an island doesn’t mean that you have to go abroad. Why not consider the many islands of the Scottish mainland for the idyllic views and welcoming hospitality

6. Perhaps you like the idea of getting married on Tower Bridge in London. With a rich history and perfect location, this has got to be one of the most unusually wedding venues.

7. For those of you with sea legs, why not get married on a ship, or even a submarine? From a Royal Navy vessel to a merchant ship there are plenty of wedding venues on water.

8. Maybe a tourist attraction has a special meaning to you both. Maybe it was where you first met, or had your first date, or where you proposed or said yes. Tourist attractions such as the London Eye make excellent wedding venues.

9. Maybe you spend a lot of time at your local Golf Club. Well why not get married there? Or perhaps you’ll decide to choose one of the world famous golf courses that you’ve always dreamed of playing.

10. Perhaps you both have dreams about owning a fabulous mansion, with grand ballrooms, elegant drawing rooms and a fabulous library. Or maybe a windmill, or the home of one of your favourite historical figures? So why don’t you choose to get married in a historic building?

Now you have some more inspiration and ideas about where to get married, isn’t it time you got a bit more adventurous than your local registry office?